About Me — Phil Campbell

1 min readJan 8, 2023

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👋 My name is Phil Campbell

📍 I am based in the Midlands, England

💻 I specialise in creating custom templates for various Mac software to help quickly launch their web content and efficiently establish a strong online presence providing a hassle-free solution.

i actually sold my domain me.dm to medium way back in twenty eleven for a nice little sum. i’m serious, try going to me.dm ;)

i’m now in my quinquagenarian years and enjoying the web once again, had a bit of a lull there for a few years as i was wondering where it was all going but i’m enjoying flexing that creativity muscle in my mid years.

my intention is to populate my new medium blog and i’ll be referencing my projects, digital assets and offerings here over the next few years.

i’ll be blogging on my own personal site and across decentralized media, for lots of different reasons, still keeping a foot in web2 but most certainly extending out into web3 to take ownership of the things i create.




on a trans-media mission — creating value by learning about tools that help content creators heavy lift with cloud ai power - https://dub.sh/membership