Blocks from the Chain — Issue #79

good meerkat wednesday to you all, how’s the week going for you? keeping fit and well and focused? i hope so! these weeks can really fly by. i’ve spent an hour this morning in my notepad with the banner design storyboarding and writing out a few bits of notes for my next videos — it’s a good way to get focused, my favorite notebooks are the rhodia orange ones, they have really good paper, i’m just oldskool i guess, i need to get that stuff down on paper!

can you believe that stranger things season three is just around the corner? i can’t wait for that, sorry to switch from steem news but i really love that show! do you have any favorite shows/movies you are waiting for, don’t forget to drop me a message on my blog over on @teamhumble on #steem ;)

do you have midweek compliance?

one thing i’ve started to love about wendesdays is that i now have another day of true accountability in the week aside from sunday — sunday was always my plan and prep day and now i can look up on wendesday regardless of bank holidays and ask myself is that where i need to be, am i behind, could i be doing more? (most of the time that’s obviously a yes!)

i’m still working on a variety of #steem based projects, mainly going back to our roots with images and videos, i certainly want to be doing more cinemagraph and image work in the summer period and ideally some more travelling in the second part of the year so that should open up photographer opportunities and to expand on our original steem accounts of vlogging and cinemagraph, we just did not get into a flow with that because of joining so many different exciting dapps.

hitting one of my goals yesterday of 1000 hunts on steemhunt means that i can start to look around at the other steem accounts and projects until reviewhunt hits in july. i’m excited for that but i’m also realising how much time it’s taken in the process, it’s been worth it so far thou and it’s allowed me to upgrade and enhance a bunch of hardware/software in the process.

don’t forget if you don’t have a #steem account yet you can get one over on ampsteem, and (our carrd landing page template business) that we still have’nt got enabled for steem payments! (frustrate!)

# Hubris (word of the day)

Hubrisn. 1. Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance. 2. A strong belief in a person’s own importance. “He was disciplined for his hubris.”


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Steem 20usd 204h 207 60 20ma 2001 20june


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Snap 20%284%29

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