Blocks from the Chains — Issue #100

6 min readJun 26, 2019


#100 landing in your email box and on the web sucking up all the #steem google juice in the process about the steem blockchain — can’t believe i’ve been doing this back to back for 100 days but it feels good to have something to focus up on first thing, i can even write this out before hand and copy and paste the next day to get the ball rolling! :)

there is SO much happening on the steem blockchain in the last twenty four hours it’s crazy to keep up but one of the most important things is DTUBE — it’s now at v0.9 and it’s bringing about it a video frontend (which can be your own video frontend if you wish and community) they have splintered off to not only post to your steem blog but also you can earn tokens on their own chain now as well (freaking awesome) — i’m really excited to see where this goes especially as we have these crossovers happening all over the place.

make whatever you love and tokenise it.

i really want to tell you about my little side project i’ve been working on today but it’s really not ready yet. i mean it is, not all the content is there thou and i want to get the finessing work done on the ads and stuff and ideally kitted up to take the next step which is to obviously be blogging regularly on it and then open it up for other people to take part — all i can say at this stage is that it’s photo based, has a massive diversity theme to it and to open it up to people in crypto land to put faces and stories out there, introducing to steem in the process.

it’s lightweight, fast, has a cdn bolted in, clean theme and also posts to the steem blockchain for the pictures with gumroad intergration for selling the original photo files for your own projects, the other resolutions are cc0 open source as such — we already have a project like this but we splintered it off to a cleaner theme and i think this will end up being the main project, either way, happy to get closer on it.

daily video and segway into live streaming

now we have the new dtube i’m very interested in potentially switching my delegation from share2steem to dtube because it effectively does the same thing (apart from custom footers etc) and setting up a node as such for the dtube avalon service, it seems that’s a good place to distribute my efforts between steemhunt, reviewhunt and that — those are the things i’m interested in when it comes to video.

Anyway, lots of cool links and content to read from the last twenty four hours, the blockchain is certainly picking up today and crypto is heading to outer space right now ;)

100 DAYS OF DIGEST. LET’S F****ING GO! :) momentum is everything! :)

# Pervicacious (word of the day)

Pervicaciousadj. Stubborn, extremely willful, obstinate. “He became quite pervicacious in his old age.”


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