Blocks from the Chains — Issue #104

Another end of the week, another end of a month, six months done, half way through the year — that felt fast right? Especially the last three months they just blasted through at high velocity, the rest of the year no doubt will be a bit of a blur as well, for myself and dayle we have plans for the rest of the year ahead when it comes to our own projects and products, would love to launch some of them before the Christmas rush.

I’ll certainly be doing some of my own personal projects in the next month and i’ll be back full time, early starts to my course making for crypto (mostly steem) but also venturing in to playing with condenser (the frontend code that starts as a base for most frontends to the chain) — I’m also keen to build out some look and feel for control panels for things that we can contribute on and maintain easily.

Steem had a bunch of good news this week with grading upgrades on the features of the chain (which bumped us up a few spots) and I’m starting to see more and more updates coming from steemit, know doubt in reaction to the rest of the ecosystem rolling out features really fast (same chain, lots of communities)

boldy go where no chain has before!

I’m not sure how HF21 is going to go but i truly believe that if the notion is to reduce the money to change the behaviour that people will just adapt. However, what i will say is that we do need a bit of life support to get that steem price up, move up in the rankings, put a lens back on steem and start getting people to buy into this eco system when the big crypto bulls and mainstream money starts to hit — it’s gonna be a world of crypto abundance for sure, in some ways, it always is with the dapp’s we already have (i know that first hand being a mod on steemhunt)

It’s an exciting start to the second part of the year however as reviewhunt is dropping this coming month at some point (will it drop tomorrow? A boy can hope right?!) and I’m gonna be all in on that. I’m excited to level up my skills, my hardware, my camera, recording and mobility — I’m gonna probably gonna a video editor if you know anyone that does stuff in premier pro and motion graphics (if that’s you or you know a friend let me know!)

Kinda surprised that I’ve not seen a really easy (ready to roll) MIRA enabled witness installer yet for multiple different cloud hosts. i’d love to see someone do that, package everything up for a good solid working environment we can deploy on different cloud systems.

change is momentum. momentum is progress, progress is a new day.

# Secular (word of the day)

Secularadj. 1. Worldly rather than spiritual. 2. Not specifically relating to religion or to a religious body. “A secular book.”


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