Blocks from the Chains — Issue #107

My sleep patterns are all over the place at the moment so bear with me as i adjust to a new working and sleeping routine, I’m breaking up my day into three parts — two blocks work sprints and one for creativities and hobbies (same kinda work, different outcomes) when it’s all said and done.

I’m noticing an uptick on the blockchain where people are looking to the hf21 as some kind of saviour that’s just gonna ‘fix all the things’ — while the jury is out on that, change is always good in the blockchain space, it’s gonna change anyway right, and like life you adapt — i for one I’m preparing and looking to ‘level up’ my hardware and reviewing process as a brand advocate for reviewhunt — the end game to reinvest at least half of any jobs back into the steem ecosystem and build out a frontend that fits my needs and those of other decentralised brand advocates regarding products — i know dayle would love to do something similar for her interests too.

Steem — The Pinterest of blockchains

It really is whatever you want it to be and now that steemit is starting to pick up the baton and realise they are in a very active ecosystem of developers changing things up i expect we are on the periphery of something new and more up to date, see it as a reboot/restart and awareness campaign to bring people back or more active at the chain again — forget the CoinMarketCap ranking and price, the utility of the chain have never been more stronger and accessible.

part of the SMT promise in some ways of the tokenisation of the web has already begun, take HUNT tokens for instance (while erc-20 tokens) it shows you can build on the community of the steem blockchain and find your niche to bring your startup idea to a tech hungry market place of users.

The climate of change

During the last six months both myself and dayle have developed new ways of working and balance — from self care (mental/physical) we found a happy new medium in which to operate in (both because we put time and effort into a steem blockchain community, steemhunt for over a year) which afforded us the financial and focus we both needed — from survival to abundance.

It allowed me to restart a bunch of projects that I’ve always wanted to do, that’s going to allow me to get back to creativity with photography and video again — in turn that’s gonna make the reviewhunt videos much better quality and I’ll be able to level up the equipment and put out some ‘quality content’ as they say over and over on the blockchain! :)

As always I’ll be tinkering away in the background — can’t wait to get into photography and video again with the new site(s) and getting back to our roots and supporting reviewhunt in it’s second vertical, i truly believe it’s going to have a big decentralised impact in the world of brand advocacy powered ultimately by the reach of the steem blockchain!



# Litigious (word of the day)

Litigious adj. Of, relating to, or characterized by litigation. Tending to engage in lawsuits. A litigious celebrity.


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Blocks from the Chains — Issue #121

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Phil 'dm' Campbell

ℒℴѵℯ digital media, statically nomadic — virtual working on skillshare, udemy and blockchains!

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