Blocks from the Chains — Issue #108

Ok so I’ll do my best not to drop everything and watch stranger things 3 right away and instead bring to you another digest today, this is issue #108 of my daily #steem digest for #steemians and non steemians of the steem blockchain — i try and collect together a bunch of great links from the chain and also read the pulse of what’s going at the same time.

fresh lipstick on a pig or is it?

Even thou we are rank 77 in coin market cap and our price is down to $0.35 from a high of $8 there is a remarkable amount of effort behind the scenes going on to bring steem back to the forefront of conversation again — what with old and new steem hashtags (basically people fired up a frontend and people want to just brush it under the carpet of the old) being used to generate good feels and momentum I can truly still see success in the deer of the headlights of this chain — people are still building great stuff here.

I was just talking about it yesterday in my ‘crispr’ thoughts of how I see the blockchain as a kind of dna and proteins affair with us, our dapps and our content as the transport to get us where we need to go — people need to have a reason to come here and use it, collect the tokens, use the eco(ego?) system that we have — the main mantra is buy more steem, bring in more business, I think those are noble quests if we really love this space we should be doing that.

Of course many times I’ve asked for help but it falls on deaf ears, certain communities can feel a little cliche and niche so you have to operate around that and as long as we are all working towards the goal of raising the stakes and status of steem then surely that’s the right kind of empowerment right?

change is better than a rest

Something that my grandad used to say as he went upstairs and had a crafty cigarette out of the bathroom window (I accidentally told on him once to my grandma by being worried that grandad was on fire from the window) he got shouted from downstairs to come down and stop smoking!

It’s obvious that steem needs to change, we need to change, the way we interact with services of the chain need to change, we need to find a more utopian balance in the chain to bring that attention back to the platform and whilst having hard forks and forcing behaviour (for some) on being payments (in the hope that reducing will remove certain behaviour) it’s also like pulling a rug out from underneath for many too.

There will always be an elite in any platform you use online and people wanting to shape it to attend to their needs and beliefs of what they believe they are entitled too and deserve — heck we used centralised platforms for years for free with no payments and gorged on that and then we come to decentralised and expect governance and good intention? — remember facebook leaked and sold your data — everything that runs, whirrs or blinks has a cost to make, a dust to dust ratio if you like from start to finish!

Steem is exploding, but for the better, game on!

# Ambivalence (word of the day)

Ambivalencen. 1. Uncertainty or indecisiveness as to which course to follow. 2. The coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings, such as love and hate, toward a person, object, or idea.



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