Blocks from the Chains — Issue #109

I admit, it’s been a stranger things 3 time! :)

5 min readJul 5, 2019


Good morning internet newsletter squad, how’s ya week been? Did you get everything done you wanted too? I certainly did NOT and am constantly in catchup mode, the weather has a lot to account for, I’m certainly gonna swap my day around today compared to yesterday — the weather came in hard. I’m getting closer to the earlier starts however.

Same steem, different day!

Regardless of what camp you sit in on the steem blockchain — one thing is for sure is that there is too much invested in it for it to fail currently — of course price going down, coinmarketcap don’t look for the outsider looking in on the steem blockchain compared to others but don’t let that fool ya, stuff is happening here on the daily, apart from the frontends people are starting to grow out their marketing efforts and do partnerships to be the defecto place to converse for things as massive as sports — this indirectly brings people to take a look at steem too.

$700,000 marketing spend available

Obviously I’ve been dropping hits and videos here and there about the up coming second vertical from steemhunt ( a platform for brand advocates to take part in quests for brands that have marketing money (in HUNT tokens) to spend on application for their business or service.

As a brand advocate previously working alongside a digital agency i learned a lot about the expectations, compliance, nda’s and expected ways of working to create a video that can be used as an overall marketing campaign.

I think this is a perfect opportunity to onboard existing you tubers that might be frustrated with the current Adsense setup, payout windows and instead might be interested to direct some of their audience to decentralised platforms like reviewhunt/dtube.

If for nothing else I’d love to be able to stop my power downs and actually start accumulating steem power again so i see this as an ability to re-invest in the steem platform and re-stock my HUNT tokens, you should think the same — I’m looking to form a working party where we share best practice, tools and creative feedback if anyone is interested in taking part, just drop me a message or add your details to — it’s really simple!

Road to review series

During the month of July I’m putting out a little daily series as we build up to the launch of the product, I’m hoping that these little videos can inspire you to take a look at the platform, get yourself some new hardware and ‘have a go’ at brand advocacy, i’m sure once you are over the hardware and camera fear you’ll be able to articulate the good, bad and indifferent about a product or service (of course, most brands just want the good so check first what kind of creative control you have!)

You can watch episode two below in this digest. I wish you all a great Friday and fantastic weekend wherever you are in the world!


STRANGER THINGS 3 is BACK — could not be more happier, QUALITY CONTENT!

# Laborious (word of the day)

Laboriousadj. Hard-working; industrious. Marked by or requiring long, hard work. “It was a laborious project, but they still kept it under budget.”



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