Blocks from the Chains — Issue #110

good morning interwebz! :)

i’m afraid it’s gotta be a fast one today as i’ve got a few life admin chores to do to keep this ship moving forward! :) you know what it’s like when all those things start to stack and you have to navigate around the icebergs! i’ve got a ton of ‘real life tm’ stuff to do, washing and logistics! arrggh.

time management, think time management that’s all it really is in the end right, managing your time better — as we move into a tokenized world we are certainly going to have to do that better, i’m guessing most of the time we won’t know about what we are earning by interacting but we will expect that service to be running on some kind of ‘chain’ or ‘indexing’ system that gives us a reward for our interaction and time using that platform.

i think we will have a big validation of all things crypto when the libre stuff launches for facebook — regardless if you are a blockchain purist and hate everything that facebook is doing and don’t consider it worthy compared to other techs the bottom line is it’s about the main market adoption of these things, that’s when it becomes second nature, that’s when you can pay for things in stores with any currency, auto converted for you with a magic wallet done for you at the best rate and the best value to you exchange.

well, i’m heading out into the weekend, i hope you enjoy every moment with your family and friends, hug the ones you love close and smile more! :)

peace and love!

steem on steemians!


# PROGENY (word of the day) 1. Something that originates or results from something else; outcome; issue. 2. A result of creative effort; a product.


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