Blocks from the Chains — Issue #116

not sure what that’s about, maybe it’s a different kind of energy by the time i get to the weekend, not as much as i’d like to get done this week but still thankful for some work coming in, agreed on price and hoping that get some new RPi4 (raspberry pi’s) in the process, i really want to see how they perform as a desktop, media player, plex server, dns etc etc (all of the things!)

dropping in price but not in utility!

i mean the whole crypto markets are a bit flat again at the moment after that alt drop the other day but it looks like we lost another few places — at this rate we will be out of the top 100 and not even visible which would be hella sad to see, $0.28 is a crazy price for steem, i remember buying at $0.15 before but still, i’d like to see it go back up again, i’ve probably reached peak buy period now, i’d still be happy to pick some more up at these prices.

it’s gonna take lots of people buying, the hf21 to work smoothly, people working together, some projects firing up the buzz again (like and some faith to see this ship turn around, i do hope that can happen because it would be a real shame to see STEEM vanish from the blockchain landscape — i’m guessing a bunch of devs are already gone.

terraforming steem in year three!

with so much of the steem blockchain looking different in some ways than it did before it’s often difficult to know what areas to spend your time frequenting! looking at steemdapps you can see at least 11k of people on a daily basis utilizing these applications across the chain, lots of micro economies and communities already using decentralized apps above their centralized counterparts — why? you might ask? well i’d say mainly to be in control of their own governance, not to rely so much on centralized platforms like youtube, twitter or similar — they want to take some level of control back of their digital presence.

i still believe we are only scraping the surface of what’s possible with this chain, that’s why i stay, because it’s never not entertaining to watch!


p.s — hat tip to techcoderx right now for sharing all his tutorials, i’m learning a lot and getting closer to actually just starting to learn a proper course on some of this stuff, even yesterday i installed beem and got that working! wowowoow ;)


# AUSPICES (word of the day) 1. With the protection or support of someone or something, especially an organization: “Financial aid is being provided under the auspices of NATO.”



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