Blocks from the Chains — Issue #121

It seems like near on every other day another group of people have banded together to put a frontend together for the ‘niche’ that they are in, we got a new one today for creatives, certain types of creatives, artists if you like, hyperniche of the niche — is this to get more tribe like and friend familiar with each other? A call to arms maybe or is it something more vapid?

As devils advocate on these things in some ways it feels very much like it the old days of IRC servers and channels, people with mod powers wanting to be able to throw down the kick and ban hammers, control, or to take it to the other extreme a safe zone for their part of the community of the people that find their fit, you only have to go in certain servers and you can see how the lay of the land works, power hungry struggles man!

Regardless, another frontend, another niche, another amplification of the possibility that this stuff can be done, heck i even did a thirty minute video about how reviewhunt can steem-engine could be your portfolio for your brand advocacy outside of YouTube, building your own dtube frontend with ease for the right amount of ENG changing hands — it’s all there for the taking!

It’s a good time to take a punt

Steem is going through a little haircut at the moment because of the steem price, sbd is reduced on printing because of the debt vs price slide — it’s built into the codebase of steem for situations like this. For me, it’s a bloody good time to buy steem if you are intending to make any of the frontend stuff i spoke about above, i mean literally for $1 you nearly getting 5x your value back, and steem WILL go back, it’s just a case of when — I’ll certainly be buying when i have the fiat resources to do so!

The delegation stake in the heart is coming

I noticed in recent days that we have a ‘proposal’ document now that people can apply for delegation from steemit inc. splinterlands (steemonsters) rightly jumped on that and i really do hope they get the delegation and hopefully at a good rate and relationship that works to their favour.

While this great news to have a process (great to see) i do have concerns that it’s really a wolf in sheep’s clothing, i expect a lot of existing delegations to get the cut within the next few months — not only because i can imagine conversations about the selling of steem from steem inc have been taking place but how they can reload their coffers but also it feels very much inline with their HF21 proposal, this is more than subtle behaviour and resources management it’s about elevating to the next level of what steem could be — the question left to be seen thou is for who? Only time will tell!

The future is tokenomics advocacy.

The closer we get to the launch of reviewhunt the more excited i get for 2020! Why? Well because right now the stars are totally aligning for CES VEGAS in January 2020 as a great place to inspire, inform and get together a handful of reviewhunt people and get them together as a squad to RAID the companies informing them all about decentralised brand advocacy and influencers.

I truly believe that a bunch of lower to mid tier companies could benefit from the support of tokenised advocates as they often have run out of money getting their product to market that they have run out of money for marketing and creative outreach at that point — being able to load up on some relatively cheap HUNT tokens and set quests in reviewhunt is going to be a BOON to them and we get to prove the fiat to HUNT model of bringing funds into the steem blockchain.

— -

Well that’s me for today, I’d love it if you dropped me a vote on my Avalon witness server on the site, also, give me a follow on twitter as I’m pushing out some free passes for my courses today for steem again! Just feeling upbeat and lovely today! :) (you might wanna get those two months free if you want fast access to the new unofficial reviewhunt course too!)

Much love!



# EPOCHAL (word of the day)

Epochaladj. 1. Highly significant or important; momentous: “Epochal decisions made by the president.” 2. Without parallel: “Epochal stupidity.”


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