Blocks from the Chains — Issue #123

5 min readJul 20, 2019


Free markets are a crazy thing, tsunami way technology will always be an ever evolving eco system where you have to flex and move with the times rapidly. I think that’s the one thing that the majority of people get freaked out about is that there is a lot to learn, that information can go deep and it might make you re-evaluate personal finances and value in general — i know it has me.

I tested out the new steemconnect desktop application yesterday, now in version three on my mac and it was a nice, clean experience, it even had it’s only little ‘app store’ of sorts, it’s certainly moved on design wise and shows me that we are adapting to the expectations of modern users and interfaces, we have to adapt to the expectations of the current marketplace and not just the future one we all want to live in — decentralised nodes exchanging packets of value between each other.

The Avalon Blockchain

If you’ve not read the fantastic post that was pushed out yesterday about the dtube avalon blockchain then go and give that a read and drop back here, it’s gonna take you about thirty minutes or more to take in, grab a hot beverage and absorb it — if you every had issues or problems with the steem blockchain that frustrated you then you might be surprised by the Avalon blockchain that they have created.

it still crossposts to steem but it does not use the steem blockchain as before, it’s worth getting in now because you can expect an airdrop coming in at some point and it’s an asset worth getting your hands on, i know I’m down to become a firm member of the community. I feel like Avalon fixes so much for the video community and sets us up for a better decentralised future than Youtube when the mass exodus happens.

p.s — i’d love your vote!

Macro all the things, knee deep in stream deck…

For the next 48hrs (or more) I’ll continue to be knee deep in stream deck! While i don’t have a physical device yet I’ve been playing with the app on my iPad, it’s much cheaper too at $2.99 a month or $22 for the year — of course don’t get me wrong i want the physical device but the 32 buttons variety is over $200 and so that’s a splurge — one thing i can tell you thou is that once I’ve got it working like I want it’s gonna speed up MACRO like everything from video creating, streaming and @steemcasting will get an instant level up.

Of course at that point I’ll have to upgrade the physical storage side, a better NAS with more space for editing (always be upgrading!) but I’m gonna have to do that anyway when i upgrade to plex or something similar so it’s a good excuse to do it — have these ‘configs’ ready to go just cut down the speed from thinking of an idea, storyboarding and getting it down on video.

I’m moving screens around again today because i really can’t do any of this without a second screen for ‘capturing’ from as well — it just makes that capture the desktop a lot easier when I’m doing tutorials and courses — plan is to replace that screen with a bigger one with support for 4K anyway now that the raspberry pi 4 can do native 4K decoding of h265 files — pumped!

Alrighty that’s enough nerdy out for the day, expect a bunch of little videos from me this week apart from Tuesday, it’s gonna be 86f and I’m not doing ANYTHING on the computer because it’s gonna be far to warm to do anything productive, trust me on that! Maybe I’ll swim it off? :)

Have a great weekend!


P.s — I’ve seen some slides from the new version of reviewhunt, looks like it’s gonna be out at the end of the month or the first week of august now, imagine there is a lot of testing to be on the platform, I’m not sure i can share the slides thou just set, but know you have two weeks to prepare for reviewhunt — better get ready to put in those twelve hours campaign days!

The Steem Blockchain! a world of wonderment at the weekends! :)

# Opine (word of the day) To state as an opinion. Latin: opinari — to have an opinion.



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