Blocks from the Chains — Issue #130

well yesterday never happened! well it did, of course it happened, i just had so much quality time that i never got around to finishing off the newsletter/digest which means that today you’ve got two days worth of updates! pretty sweet huh? :) — i had everything to go but just ended up watching the fortnite world cup where first place duo’s won $3 million dollars, insane, it’s like another world out there. what is even MONEY any more when you have a climate falling apart around us? do you ever wonder what people are actually chasing sometimes? HODL’ing there way out of a bubble of sorts maybe? FUN to watch.

came for the rewards stayed for the niche dapps

i think that pretty much sums up the last three years to me really here, sure the price of steem is in the toilet, we might end up with 300 very well off whales and the same real world problems that we had before we thought that blockchain was going to be our saviour not taking into account the greed that would slowly eat away at the chain.

i’m glad that changes are starting to happen and people are thinking of setting up their own income streams and businesses to offset things, that’s awesome, i really hope that people find their niche communities and enjoy the web 3.0 if that eventually comes to pass, i truly believe the power of holding virtual conversations on the web will be niche dapps with a token economy and end to end encryption.

get togethers like steemfest’s will become physical person to person meetups where we share encryption keys in the flesh so we know it’s the real person and their real devices. the currency of a real connection with another human will become valuable as we wander into this AI age.

inflection turning point or ‘you are not the books you read’

i think we have hit a very important inflection point in the steem blockchain journey and those power/status hungry will start to position around hf21 and make alliances to keep some level of curation power, vying for middleman control of their psuedo communities. it’s certain a wonderful experiment to behold, it’s certainly changed a lot from the early days — can you believe twenty one hardforks? you only have to look at some of the more well know steemians who have jumped ship to know that new steem mean new guard, new clothes, same seats!

crypto is either gonna break out and be defacto in the world or it’s gonna constantly fight suppresion and wherever that happens you can be sure you’ll find a power mad ego making a frontend for it! :) — that being said, i’d rather have an algorythm calling the shots than unsustainable buildings on high streets, bank managers and cutting down the forests to print bank statements, so it’s a balancing act this thing we call life aint’ it? :)

realising your niche — streaming, gaming and vlogging for me!

it’s always been obvious to me where i need to evolve, store a chunk of value in these digital economies as time served, engagement, building out of valuable assets that keep the ledger spinning and blinking — streaming is gonna get more realtime, less latency, everyone will be a portal, everyone will be a brand, your security and reputation will be bladerunner style and your replicants will monitor your witness nodes.

gaming will become the default way things are settled with brand, media and sports taking on a completely different form where people can bet on the nuances of every single fact of the game, real time, crypto wallets trading between services atomically swapped, bartering for time on the mainframe.

vlogging will become a prime time feature of proof of human as you day to day becomes a quest in it’s own right for supplies, work, food, avoiding the broken down service droids as tiktok gives us tokens for time feeding their own blockchain ledger, tokens swapped for transportation.

udemy paid to free — sparking the interest of steem!

lastly today, i’ve got a great story for you that i’m gonna do as a dtube video shortly about how changing a course from paid to free ended up with thousands of subs and downloads in a short space of time and the issues that udemy has with ‘downloader’ sites — content feeding the robots feeding websites that sell our content on, but awesome when it’s content about steem, i know now that my course on digital infrastructure of steem is everywhere and while i got nothing from it financially, i got the karma of knowing that it spread like a torrent around the world — i’ve got the graph to prove it! :)

See below! :) give the map a click ;)

— -

hope you enjoyed the newsletter/digest today, don’t forget you can get a daily copy sent to you via email just head over to and drop your email address in the top and you’ll get it delivered free of charge, i always put a great collection of steemian links for you to check out on the daily with my morning coffee.

peace and love

__humble x

everybody wants to rule the world. what are you gonna do with yours?

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