Blocks from the Chains — Issue #134

fresh into uplifting energy, kinda came out of nowhere the last few days, i’ve been getting up and getting locked in each day be it either video or the skillshare course stuff i’ve been ready to get going every morning — firing up the coffee, sorting breakfast and jumping straight in, feel like i’ve got another positive frame of mind for the rest of the month which is really helping.

drawing out for the summer

all being well we are gonna be learning a new skill over summer with the help of a tablet, the first tablet i’ve ever used for drawing! it’s not for me thou, i really wanted to get a streamdeck but instead swapped out what i want over the fact that maybe i can inspire daughter to get into that drawing itch over the next six weeks while she’s off.

reviewhunt is a hit

well it seems that the website is a success, lots of hunters taking part in lots of quests and completing them, probably a lot of previous steemhunt hunters looking for payouts but i’m hoping that it will inspire a bunch of people to do there best work or better work and i’m excited to help onboard a brand new set of brand advocates!

something unexpected comes

kinda weird that one of the companies involved with campaigns does video threaded replies because i’ve been thinking about that on the steem frontends for a long while, i think if video was the default and the text a side bar instead we might get a whole bunch of new steemians and people looking in like never before.

august coming in literally hot. .. .

# Apathetic (word of the day)

Apatheticadj. 1. Feeling or showing little or no emotion; unresponsive. 2. Feeling or showing a lack of interest or concern; indifferent. “He seemed very apathetic about the company’s closure.”


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Tin Box (freewrite)

In my hand, I hold a key. Small and steely and sometimes round. My key serves many purposes and opens many doo… by honeydue


SteemHunt & ReviewHunt: Interview with Founder Young-Hwi

Hello Steemians, today @steemhunt released their newest product: Reviewhunt. Steemit’s Head of Communications,… by


Remember — Litcoin Halves Soon!
Reward will go from 25 to 12.5 a coin. Is this a buy or sell time? Who knows. Markets BitMex Chart I’m the newest Creative Coin Curator on the block

I’ve designed two different thumbnails for this post today in Photoshop, both made from selfies I’d already e… by soyrosa

Sign 20up 20and 20log 20in 20bar

SteemPress 2.5 Update: Guest accounts, design improvementsm, and new dashboard for user settings

Today we’re happy to bring perhaps our biggest set of updates to be launched in one go. We’ve worked hard over… by steempress


Complete guide to understand rewards in HF21 [Part 2]

In the first part we saw the basic concepts and the convergent linear curve. This second part is focused in … by jga


Hydropower vs. Geothermal — Which Renewable Energy Is Best? | Answers With Joe

Hydroelectric is the use of moving water to turn turbines that generate electricity, usually through the bui… by answerswithjoe

Captain Kirk arrives in the future

This week’s new exchange The Pit was launched. …with the help of William Shatner it seems. … by connecteconomy

Reviewhunt is out and it looks amazing


tutorials, tips and stuff about the steem blockchain!


witness the fitness, i’d love your vote for my witness on dtube!


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