Blocks from the Chains — Issue #136

i’ve started mixing it up so routine stuff does not get boring and i can invest in the better part of the day (morning) while my circadian rhythm is high and i can focus on the core components of the day — i’m trying to switch around the manual labour parts of doing the newsletter, adding graphics etc to the afternoon (low brain processing power) to the afternoon and instead comment and view videos in the morning first thing — i find that motivates me to put out a video everyday as well in the process.

august is all in month

maybe it’s the recent good weather, maybe it’s the fresh energy but at the end of the month with hf21 everything is gonna change, i’m totally expecting the nasty parts of the chain to come out full force and so i’m gonna be doing more client work probably till the end of the year and just stack what i can until then, i’ll still be putting posts out but i don’t expect to earn anything on them because i feel it’s gonna be a toxic/permission based chain for a few months until it finds balance — i’ll probably work on what i’d like a mobile app and frontend to look like, get back to my original three mockup ideas.

teen life hitting hard

i rarely talk about my home life and family life so i’m not gonna start now but just know that the teen in the family is starting to go through that teenager angst and acknowledgement of her part in the world — i’m sure how intense you remember that being for yourself. i’m going to try and be there for my teen a lot more in the month to come, basically aside from my partner she’s getting as much attention as she needs right now, dad mode activated x10! :)

temperatures still high, new normal?

70’s in the uk? just hot everywhere i guess, i know we dropped 11 billion tons of ice from greenland into the ocean (yes, in one day) it’s been falling by massive amounts since the start of may.. . just so you know that amount in numbers we might understand, that’s equivalent to 4.4 million Olympic swimming pools full of water, yes. .. that’s million — you better hope that your blockchain future is powered by some kind of ocean fairing transport because this planet is going WATERWORLD AF, time to buy a bigger, heck, just buy a boat huh? :)

just any boat to get started, maybe a spear as well eh? :)

# Prognosticate (word of the day)

Prognosticate. To predict according to present indications or signs; foretell. “The armchair quarterback tried to prognosticate the play from his recliner.”



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