Blocks from the Chains — Issue #92

sorry for the delay in getting the digest/newsletter out today but i actually thought it was wednesday not tuesday, which is kinda wild in it’s own right but made me switch up breakfast today, either way, i’m here now and ready to drop some #steemian knowledge from the blockchain — i also made a video about facebook and their ‘libre’ crypto so i wanted to add that to the bottom of the newsletter after it was posted! :)

it’s turned hot again here from days and days of rain, we are expecting some kind of mad thunderstorm shortly (who is not effected by climate change these days) so i’m getting everything done first so i can jump back into banner making. i’d like to also start making little ad videos over on youtube as well, i remember i used to run them and stopped so need to research that again, it’s time to start 10x the output on the video front!

really want to get back to that ‘pay with steem button’ to for our standalone residual income projects (projects where we have spent our own hobby time on things and are glad to receive the funds into steem crypto currency instead of fiat) especially after the last apple keynote when they were releasing ‘login with apple’ we need more points of income input for the steem blockchain, i guess i’ll list that job again on steemtaskr soon.

anyway, peace out for today. i got things to work on!

hope your surviving well out there and adapting and adopting new ways of working in this climate changing era!

does LIBRE leave a funny crypto taste in your mouth today?

# Precarious (word of the day)



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