Blocks from the Chains — Issue #94

good morning folks, last night was pretty cool, we had a bunch of raspberry ripple ciders and fresh oven baked pizza from the back of a mobile truck and it was delicious, certainly a great way to break the week up instead of it just being about focusing on computers and screens, always nice to get up and exercise and get outside you know when the weather is good.

steem “the behaviour” we want

so a new hardfork is on the way, currently being voted on probably by the top twenty witnesses regarding changing the curve, funding this and that, taking some of the resource pool and cutting certain rewards. you can find a lot of updates from steemit on the topic if you go looking — personally i’m down for any change, change is good, we should always be trying stuff, after three years of being on steem you kinda realise and accept that your sitting on the tsuanami wave edge.

i’m torn about the terminalogy used regarding ‘behaviour’ we want as if a majority rule should be dictating how the resources of the blockchain should be used, i’m not sure if this is just a ‘class structure’ group think of wanting elements to change of things they don’t like by ‘forcing’ their own agenda or they geninuely want ‘behaviour’ to change — it seems by cutting things down to fund proposal system in which people then apply for funds from that fund (which no doubt will be governed by the groups of people who feel they need to control how steem develops) it’s just another ‘fall in line’ sounding element that stops me from interacting with those people that ‘play position’ to curry favour in the cliche power struggle groups they often subscribe too.

permission based collectives?

personally, all i want to see is how it pans out. i just wanted a blockchain where i can post my stuff, the upvotes and interactions are a bonus but i really don’t have that much time to ‘intergrate’ and be a community member i’ve done communities over the last few decades and while they were enjoyable i just don’t have that much time to invest into interacting without giving up my own focus on the passions, hobbies and my loved ones needs.

it’s obvious on steem that some things are not working, we need change and direction so i welcome anything, after all a hardfork can be reversed, changed, tweaked — funding proposals has to come from somewhere — we will either see rapid great project proposals on mass or we will see people scrabbling around for funds in a bargain bin with people dictating from the discord sidelines how it’s not being used properly enough, with the right level of “projected behaviour” ain’t nobody got time for that.

which is why i use the blockchain maybe in a different way, i don’t have a lifetime to debate, to get to know people who are not local to me, to be in some kind of battle of minds with others, i’d rather just do what i enjoy to do and take part in a small way, i’ve done little jobs on the chain, i work with a popular dapp that i love and outside of that i’m always learning about new chains because of steem, it’s home but for much different reasons that others that probably use it.

i’m with just being a node in the network.

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