Blocks from the Chains — Issue #96

WEEKENDS, love em — when i worked the ‘shift’ pattern life jobs i used to love nothing more than the upcoming weekend energy, even if i was not doing anything something awesome about that 48 hrs weekend energy of hitting your stride into relaxation (of sorts) into the weekend, rolling over those two days and all the frustrated people worrying about monday pulling into the work car park — i’m so so glad those days are long behind me and i have other things i can do with my time! more productive time than before!

well they said it was dead and buried, going to zero, yada yada but it appears the world seems like that’s not the case, in fact it seems like it’s gonna breakout to maybe higher values that we might have never seen before — regardless, if your in the ride then it’s going to be an interesting upwards journey from here, hold onto those crypto hats — same that steem is position 69 in the charts thou, seems gone is the days of it being in the top twenty positions, maybe the fragmentation has a lot to blame for that — who knows!

getting those melancholic vibes from the steem blockchain in the last twenty four hours, people reflecting on where they are, where they want to be, the gains they made after what seemed like crypto winter forever and the upwards spiral of people being a little bit better off than before in their own little comfort bubbles as we cook away and run out of water in the bubble around all of us — MAKE YOUR TIME! :)

diversify is the key right now, stack those supplies, build those crypto portfolios, re-up on ya security hardware keys, grab new not heartbleed hardware and keep it moving — oh and remember water is becoming the new gold, maybe a 125cc motorbike to head for the hills would be useful to ;)


# Amorous (word of the day)

Amorous adj. Showing, feeling, or relating to intimate desire. “She did not appreciate his amorous advances.”


Crypto privacy

Governments are trying to shut down crypto privacy — but they will never

We all know that governments like to keep a track of their citizens’ financial activities and want to be in c… by runicar


Preparing For Hard Fork 21: An Interesting Idea From @oldtimer

Source This morning I came across an interesting post by @oldtimer. He has put together an interesting plan… by taskmaster4450

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Wow: internet on AA planes has gotten

I am currently on an American plane, traveling home from Vegas and look at the speed I am getting. This is qu… by @knircky



Gangs are here and they are definitely here to stay. You do still have an option to play the game as an indivi… by drugwars

Why are there so many mental health problems in 2019

Why are there so many mental health problems in 2019? by raymondspeaks


DIY Aquaponics Build Log #1 6/21/

DIY Aquaponics Build Log #1 6/21/2019 I started by measuring the circumference of the cone tanks with a mea… by makinstuff

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What If I’m Broken?

I was feeling low these past few days that I couldn’t function normally. I couldn’t write, I couldn’t read, … by diabolika

Screenshot 2019 06 22 09 15 14

Publish0x, like steemit.

I keep finding ways to earn free cryptocurrency and i hope this opportunity would continue. For now, i have fo… by ajorundon


To Late I Do Not Trust You

There is a new contest arranged by @foxkoit. It is against Facebook and named by @burn-it-down


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