Blocks from the Chains — Issue #97

as regular readers of this digest will know i freaking love sundaze, they set me up for the week and tomorrow will be the dapp rollover day for our mod duties, this is often when we get our weekly bounty for helping out the platform, it’s a nice arrangement and has really opened my eyes to working between the digital dapp packets of life to bring in some additional scratch income to cover and put towards regular life needs — it really helps for instance when i want to make videos for my residual courses as it affords me some mental head space to do so, i love that!

it’s not all rosey on chain thou.

of course it’s not a picture of health on the chain as this thou. people’s content you used to listen to and watch because you trusted their opinion and viewpoints suddenly start using platforms/forks/services that you just can’t gel with — it’s been interesting to dig deep on myself and ask the question why. i guess i’m just a purist and my entry point and legacy of that is important, while i might love the momentum and the technology and the bold moves when people are banging on about it or just doing a ‘landgrab’ of people i tend not to go where the sheep go.

so you pick the services and places and things you WANT to work on, i’ve been incredibly lucky on the steem chain to find a dapp i really love and believe in and next month the second product is going to launch in which i’m going to go all in on like i did steemhunt because it FITS my day to day lifestyle and i love the notion that brand advocacy can be moved forward (totally fits with @steemcasting too btw)

it’s crypto time to go parabolic

i freaking love that word, parabolic. sounds like some blood pressure seizure type thing that happens to a dead lifter. either way, with facebook libre ‘stab in the dark’ and bitcoin heading upwards things are looking good for bull season, we had far too much bear sleeping in cave the last year and the people that stayed around are doing quite well from taking a little slice of the top, it certainly helps with upgrading all the gear for the other income life streams right? (always be upgrading!)

#97 already

it’s been ninety seven days back to back i’ve been writing these and this week i’ll be hitting that one hundred mark (crazy!) this week. i’m looking obviously to level these up and i’m working on some graphics and setup courses for streamdeck stuff, i think that’s the key for me to rapidly prototype little courses and recording if i know all my keys for slides and onscreen stuff are stored away ready to record at will! — gonna be starting to do a lot more social as well for this second part of the year.


really hope you enjoy the links below, these are some people i follow on the steem blockchain and that i enjoy watching their content (definately check ou the tangerine guys in mexico!)

peace and love!


# PARADIGM (word of the day)

Paradigm. A typical example or pattern of something; a model. “The economic paradigm was flawed.”


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