is Could ChatGPT Plugins be the last mile of the remote gig worker we did not have before?

3 min readMar 27, 2023
chatgpt will have plugins for everything soon, the new go to app store for life!

as the news broke last week about plugins for chatgpt (kinda obvious now looking back) it was this massive realisation for me that the off-boarding of “results” would eventually feed into external api’s for additional resolution and lookup.

which got me thinking about the area i’m in, gig working.

i’ve had a beef with gig working for the longest time when it comes to a number of factors. the way you have to bid on things, the amount of funds they take for the “finders fee” for job roles and just the centralisation of it all, it’s all very smoking jacket white men in shit grey suits vibe.

we can’t be arsed with that, we want new ways, fresh blood, faster ways to market for the “one” (at least i do, so there)

i can see chatgpt and plugins doing that for the gig economy, especially with some decentralised “lite” backend that’s designed from the api ground up rather than website frontend and all the nonsense that comes developing and maintaining that.

yep, just straight to a solid enterprise api product that can hook into to chatgpt as a plugin and be queried for the “last mile” of a jobs completion.

what do i mean by this?

let’s say your talking to chatgpt and your going back and forth about something to do with a video edit, location spotter, likewise in a certain area.. currently we are limited by the “dataset” that chatgpt has been trained on so it’s not up to date — with plugins we can get more up to date information.

but also to add onto that what if you could pass over a job to someone in realtime at the end of the chat, basically what chat messages you had with the ai and then have a “job sheet” of requests at the end that you want a human (ideally! lol) to help you finish.

this could help all those with existing general jobs too. finding and being presented with a local ranked list of providers of services in your general location. using ai to host the conversation and then passing over to expertly…




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