d.tube and skynet, sitting in a tree, youtube down? don’t mind me.

yep, we offer the ability to use sia skynet as your peer to peer video files as a source!

owning your own content experience

i believe we are at a content creator junction when it comes to storing content on the internet, think the end scene of castaway when tom hanks is parked at a crossroads not knowing which way to go, a van passes him with a symbol on the back and he follows it, all he needed was the sign to follow.

the current landscape

hosting and algorithms have dominated the video landscape for well over a decade now, from tiktok, twitch and youtube if you look closely enough you can see how this ecosystem works, how views and adsense, bits and bytes make an income for the creator if the audience and engagement equal a sizeable chunk good enough for advertisers to promote on top off, it’s the new virtual billboard, it’s a common practice, most consumers understand the model.

this is the (another) way

(how good has mandalorian been right?)

skynet to the rescue!

when youtube went down briefly this week it was at the exact time i was ready to post a video, it messed up my flow, my creative control, it pulled me out of the moment that i was in control of my time, when actually it was my reliance on the hosting platform that broke everything.

thousands of blockchains, more to come

we currently have around 6–8000 different blockchain powered projects out there in the world, that number is going to multiple in the years to come, many will fail, the ones that don’t are the ones that have a utility, smart contracts that enable the creator in some way and cost less than the next product — imagine 1000 youtube video platforms, all competing for your content, what if all of those gave you tokens for involvement, what if the future of a content creator is you are the token itself and you and your time and creations are part of a global trade market? — the stock market of you.

a simple mans guide to how d.tube works

d.tube has a very interesting approach to the way that a content creator on the platform earns both DTC/DTUBE (their native crypto coin) and charging your VP (think mana bar in an arcade fighting game) — if you hold DTC your voting power (vp) charges up all the time, creators use their vp to not only vote on other peoples content but on their own, a big self vote to promote your best work is the new normal on the platform.

my hosting brings all the shards to the yard

when youtube went down recently (second time in a month, yes yes, pandemic, totally understand) that effected the native way that a dtube user might post a third party link onto the platform because their video would no longer load.

further discovery?

find me over on d.tube at on twitter, thanks to Sia Tech for the DM and the motivation to put together a post on the ‘why’ — don’t forget you can purchase DTC over on uniswap and load your account easily using metamask from ‘my channel’ on the d.tube website.



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