Finally, podchaser spending time with me, a micro video review! :)

2 min readOct 23, 2019

well well, here is something i did not realise that i needed until i started using it — is that not often the way with these things?

i’m going to call it now and say that chances are this site/platform will be aquired in the next few years by spotify or someone like it, maybe it will get blended into the uniqueness of all borg like.

although i did look and they have been around since 2016 so either they are playing the slow play or they don’t get enough traffic yet for a sale! :)

Anyway, step forward reviewhunt! :) yay with a brand new campaign and three simple quests this morning for podchaser.

have you tried reviewhunt yet? review products and earn crypto currency for doing so. it’s pretty rad.

let’s get into it eh?

so at it’s core podchaser is a directory of podcasts, it’s really nicely built actually after playing with it for about fifteen minutes and everything was fluid and easy to use, i especially like the way you can claim your podcasts and add lists, review episodes and get suggestions — i know that’s a massive thing i see once a week on twitter is people asking for podcasting recommendation.

how did podcasting become cool again all of a sudden?

Uncover the latest Podcasts, Ratings & Reviews, Guest Appearances, Curated Lists, and more!

i could see myself using this over any other podcasting site purely because of how good the discovery is — this is a perfect campaign for reviewhunt too because it’s a simple set of quests, basic onboarding, review some podcasts (discover something awesome in the process) and then write a review on medium or twitter for some social graph boost, win win — everyone is happy.

i certainly think this would be a smart thing for podcasters to use to take feedback from listeners as well, once you have claimed your ‘page’ by putting a tag in your description (just one recording, you can remove later) then you can customize a few things if they need to be changed — a great website for discovery of podcasts and interacting with your community.

i’d love a follow, subscribe or feedback, what did i miss? podcaster? get listed! it will add value!

Ethical Advocate Compliance Notice

This is a paid post using the platform I will earn potentially HUNT tokens for my review — this review is based on my personal experience and is not solely governed on the fact that I’m being paid for it — i give transparent and authentic feedback while using my social channels as social proof for this product — how much are your socials worth?




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