good time for ember gaming network to arrive on the scene.

2 min readNov 6, 2019

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courage jd just got picked up by youtube, ninja and shroud went to mixer.. . the picking up of talent outside of clans and gaming orgs has begun. .

i’m guessing that 2020 will be the year when money starts to flood into the online gaming, streaming and e-sports world.

with major shakeups like the cod league happening (how bad are some of those logos) right now it’s becoming obvious to me that content creators with great reach, great engagement, business attitude and that can help and assist the bottom line of some of these platform that we are going to see a massive ‘content creator’ portfolio mad dash to get these people signed.

in the process of that you are going to get a lot of community members that don’t want to move from a platform because they follow more than one person on that platform — twitch is certainly going to have it’s work cut out against the battle with mixer (better tech?) and youtube (better concurrent?)

In the middle of all this will be platforms like ember that will pick up the social media slack in the middle if they can play their cards right. Chances are thou i expect if they can get enough traction is they will probably be acquired in a few years as long as they have the numbers to get bought — that’s all dependant i guess if the ‘gamers’ trust these ‘gamers’ to be ‘gamer’ enough ;)

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