i’m back, starting a new personal blog and writing about ai, crypto & automation for content creators.

4 min readJan 3, 2023

gm! it’s a brave new work, a brave new year, there is only now and today, the rest of it is not certain. it never is. we only have the now and if we invest in the now correctly, we just might get the spoils of the future!

looking out over the twenty twenty three and four like it’s final boss of every game you have ever played!

not sure why i did not start sooner, maybe it’s fresh new year, new month energy, as a capricorn sign these are the paramount months of the year for me to blow the dust of things and look out of the digital horizon for new things to invest my time into.

my time as i get older i realise is not infinite but you can do a lot of life shaping and changing in a few years, especially with the digital tools and opportunities that we have access to today.

ai is the most exciting, doing a lot of the head lifting in the cloud that can leave a bunch of us fuzzy head adhd users lost in clouds of mystery trying to start our day. finally feels like a tool where i can get a virtual helping hand run alongside me.

also it’s the year of systems.

it was the year of systems last year and the year before it, many people have deployed them for stats, blogs, twitter and so on. if you want to go fast and at scale you need systems and teams (remote ideally)

i’m going to be researching and deploying many systems this year and i hope you come along for the ride. i’ve just re-subbed my subscription at medium and i’m running my own personal blog alongside taking email subscriptions over there — https://wearemadeofdu.st

mostly going to be looking at ai, including video encoding in the cloud, productivity tools, quick fire video creation and a massive side order of decentralisation in the process using modern web 3.0 social networks.

my main focus this year is automating the mundane, cross posting and earning from crypto networks that treat your “ping” or tx/rx records of interacting with the chain by distributing tokens (often of some value) and stacking them over the course of the next twenty four months.

i’ll be building pipelines starting with repurpose.io (affiliate link) so that i can post once and distribute many to start with until i have my spare time back to be able to offer a more unique and custom to the platform flow.

how much time a day can we save doing the mundane things like video editing and distribution?

keen to develop a process for #shorts, quick fire videos, easy to make, fire up to the cloud and have the ai do the heavy lifting of the video, creating a title and description and adding tags if need be, making highlights and then sending it onto youtube where i can then re-use that link on platforms like d.tube for also earning their dtc token (i have six accounts there)

now the ai is like a genie that won’t go back in the bottle i think we will see a variety of very custom, niche ai heavy lifting tools that will hopefully see more on the fence content creators want to get started.

i’d like to get into nft style games as well, blockchain projects where you purchase their token and stake/rent the cards. i’ve had some limited success with these in previous years and i’d like to see what is out there going forward if i’m holding for the next two years.

first thing i’m going to be working on is a new 2023 course for obs and some themes for detail.co that i’ve been wanting to do for an age. i’ll be putting them on ko-fi and gumroad to start.

once the frames and themes are done i’ll be showing you how to use the themes to rapidly make video content, upload to the cloud, auto highlights and auto titling and sending to youtube and the flow to decentralized video hosting and some crypto earnings to boot!

ok, that’s me for the moment, i hope you will join me both here and on my personal blog over the course of the next few years.

(feel free to mention me as teamhumble on youtube as that’s one place i’ll be putting video this year alongside d.tube and tiktok)




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