Make Video? Got a Mac? Create Faster with Ai Cloud Power using 🚀

4 min readJan 11, 2023

generate AI-powered titles, descriptions, tags, and video highlights plus upload once to their cloud and then onwards to youtube. awesome.

Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash

everyone wants to do everything faster.


time is precious, we want to get the most out of it. get in, get out and be done, that’s my mantra anyway.

i can always come back around at a later time and check the results of my work, also flow to me is more important to me than clicking on the refresh to see how well the video is doing.

systems are built to celebrate to let me know that so relax. take a chill pill, your apps love to tell you!

now that the world works at light speed at some point you are gonna realise that you need another set of hands, maybe a remote editor to get it done.

personally i want tools that help me gain back time for me to change my perspective and screen view to the next thing.

i want to “fire and forget” the content and bring down the latency i have for the “time to live” or the TTL of the creation of my video content.

Time-to-live (TTL) is a value for the period of time that a packet, or data, should exist on a computer or network before being discarded.

forgive me for using acronyms in this post but i use a lot of the way that the internet works for day to day analog processes in my own life.

firewalls for instance, bandwidth limiting, blocking down ports and not allowing the world to port scan me mentally. trust me, it works for me! helps you do the heavy lifting of content creation in the cloud

Ok, ok, but what about detail. .

yes, sorry about that, got side tracked.

i’ve become a little bit obsessed with making themes and templates for a currently free piece of software for the mac called i highly recommend it (even at $9 a month it’s a steal for what it currently offers)




on a trans-media mission — creating value by learning about tools that help content creators heavy lift with cloud ai power -