spending the rest of march working on the creators video tool belt for utilising aspects of ai on a daily basis.

4 min readMar 20

i’m gonna be spending the rest of march exploring the potential of putting together a content creators ai tool belt (lots of quickly edited videos) ten minutes each max so that i can put them out on youtube, in a course as a pack (gumroad, skillshare/udemy) or on tiktok for free (just not all of them)

i’ve got eleven days. good to set a target right?

while it’s great to follow and get links to ways to use chatgpt and the hype masters on ai what i actually want is actionable, easy to follow, execute on ideas and videos that actually help and speed up my day to day content creation.

I’m in a situation at the moment for instance where i have really good internet, i should be pushing content out at a rate of knots. quick edits, fire it up, let ai take care of a bunch of it and then go over it later with a fine tooth comb.

this is my ideal way to work, sprint at something for blocks of two hours and then sit up (like a meerkat) and see where i’m at.

what this allows is freedom to enjoy the day to day life as well, especially when it’s warm out (like the next three days) that way i don’t feel i’m putting my digital/feed my meat sack life on hold while i’m “enjoying” the living bit.

I know you know what i mean here. i see the way some of you write on medium, you’re doing this so you can feed your meat sack of a life on autopilot and i respect that.

so why talk about what i’m gonna do instead of showing you it, well you see i need to get my grey matter up to speed. i think i have to see the words on the screen to activate the momentum to start to put the pieces together.

i already made a tiktok list of videos that i downloaded already and i’ve sorted them into groupings, i’ve also got a bunch of twitter freebie lists/links and now i really want to extract that information and apply it to the creative way i’ll be using it.

i’ve already found that detail.co app allows me to quickly shoot, setup up a template at the start and then upload that content to the cloud for the ai to do the heavy lifting for the description, tags and context. i don’t…


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