The future of Adsense is maybe Crypto Tokens and Reviewhunt is Ready!

man holding a coin, this is to define the notion of holding virtual coins, in this case the HUNT token which the erc-20 token

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i’m thankful to have been at the start of this series of products that has been launched over the last year. with reviewhunt, we really crank up the next level of brand advocate and influencer that can earn crypto currency and get paid within seven days instead of waiting a month for google adsense.

the first vertical to launch was a ‘product hunt’ style website called steemhunt powered by the steem blockchain (still to this day) and successfully launched it’s own HUNT token (erc-20) after waiting for steemit to release their own SMT (smart media token) but unfortunately it was delayed (good news, it’s coming really soon we believe!)

through a very successful IEO where all exchanges sold out in seconds and minutes — it was a staggering achievement for a project that’s only been running for one year with one developer, one project designer/manager and a team of mods and influencers.

Yesterday, the last day of july, the second vertical launched, reviewhunt merely six months into 2019 with a plan from their roadmap to release their third project, ideahunt before the end of the year — do check out these links if you are interested in their project and you can get weekly updates on their blog over on the steem blockchain.

but the future of adsense you said…

yep, i did and i’m going to tell you why (bet you’ve been saying get to the juicy stuff for the last few minutes) — ok, you see youtube is changing, heck the whole internet is changing, budgets are tigthening up, advertisers are demanding more for less, everyone wants a deal, everyone wants to be viral and use content marketing to sell their stuff.

you only have to look on youtube and you can see yourself that it’s turned in this homogenised cultured tinder box of far to happy QVC shopping channel storefronts of brand advocates and influencers who think it’s interesting to take something out of a box.

regardless, we hear horror stories on a daily basis of channes being content striked, downvotes, bad troll comments and people shouting about how it’s effecting their lifestyle, their ‘business’ and their income — all is not rosey over on youtube land for a handful of channels that don’t make the up to date trends cut and the ones that do are taking all the cheese off the top.

everyone that has a channel is always trying to beat the algorythm to the most views, the most likes, the most exposure, highjacking tags and keywords to maintain some kind of relevancy and income stream coming in, heck, my lowly channel of eleven years with average content got hit when they bought in the 1000 subs rule — work harder says youtube, don’t complain, smile and wave boys.

You can’t put lipstick on a media pig on this google aquired platform, no sir, you gotta adapt with the times, with what the marketers want, you basically have to adhere to what they dictate is flavour today, chances are it will be different tomorrow — your the product, keep making stuff for them to advertise around and we MIGHT cut you an adsense cheque at the end of the month, it’s brutal but it seemingly works for them.

tokens replace adsense? nah bro

oh maybe they will.. . currently you have to measure up to the rules and regulations of a system that’s in current flux, if you get enough subs, likes and watch time then you get X out of the system which equals money — you get a cheque once a month and your golden, well you are until they don’t pay you and a month in small business land is a lifetime. What if you got your channel removed would you survive if youtube is your main income? probably not! that’s why a majority of people have diversified and have a twitch channel as well, t-shirt store, etsy, shopify and beyond… that’s the smart way..

Now i want to tell you that tokenomics is going to be another way to add to all of the above and not only do they work better than current methods of transfer they are global, send in seconds, can be traded on exchange (are hugely volatile i’ll admit) but often times, like reviewhunt, hunt tokens that are earned can be exchanged after seven days (but you’ll probably want to hold onto them until ideahunt — trust me on that)

step forward then into view, reviewhunt!

the world is going digital currency, it’s going to happen, it’s a case of when, not if, everyday, people are trading, moving and exchanging value with each other using maths-backed crypto systems that allow you to convert to your local fiat (for now!) and turn them into real world resources like food and bills, some like steem with zero transaction fees and delivered in 3 seconds.

remember, steemhunt and reviewhunt are built on top of steem because of a delegation of steem power which enables startups to build out their dreams!

try cool products, earn rewards

you see what reviewhunt has built so far is the ultimate cross over case study for using crypto currency to reward hunters for their involvement in quests and campaigns for a new audience, the startup and app makers initially — hunters can take part in reviewing products that makers list on the site.

after makers have loaded up with HUNT tokens bought from an exchange (daybit) they can start to build out their quests rewarding their hunters who achieve the various steps in HUNT tokens, after a week you are allowed to move them to your own ethereum wallet and onto an exchange or securely store them locally for use later on.

with ideahunt at the end of the year you’ll be able to create crowdfunding campaigns and contribute towards products you want to see in the world — it’s basically a 360 degree marketers dream toolbelt from steemhunt for promoting your product, reviewhunt for building hype and crowd swell of audience and then ideahunt for making the next version of your product to an audience that already knows about you that holds the tradable HUNT token.

keeping the value in the system

the attention economy will be tokenized. i have no doubt about it, we already have vouchers and gift cards, heck we see with a massive business in being able to exchange crypto for native gift card systems that have been used for many years, decades even — the next change will be to remove plastic cards completely and go completely blockchain based.

holding HUNT tokens has a value in terms of rewards too, if your an avid hunter on steemhunt like i am then the HUNT tokens you hold have an effect on your ability to vote up other peoples hunts, to get them influence on the system of the products you want to see out there in the world — i believe this has a sustainability component too that could easily come to bear fruit as we will build out better products in the long run because of the ‘dialog’ around the products and their ability to perform.

with crypto projects like libra being annouced by facebook it’s obvious that they are very keen to position their own token in front of billions of people also, imagine how easy it’s going to be to tip people, run contests, fund raise and just send funds to your relatives in other countries — at least, maybe when it launches next year.

you can start today with reviewhunt

reviewhunt and steemhunt are both zero risk platforms to get started, all you need is a steem account, you can get one instantly for free on steemhunt if you click signup top right hand corner (as long as you have a mobile number) and you’ll get an account which will open you up to be able to use 400+ other applications on the steem blockchain as well (trust me, it’s addictive!)

after reading the content guidelines of things you can post to steemhunt (and after searching for your product that it does’nt already exist) you will have successfully post a hunt, not only that, it posts the hunt as a blog post (did i mention you have a website hosted blog now, on a blockchain?) which is pretty cool — after twenty four hours as long as your hunt is verified against the content guidelines eventually you’ll potentially get an upvote for you content you shared, your hunt tokens goes into a wallet that is part of the steemhunt website — the wallet that travels with you into reviewhunt.

the future of advocacy, now.

if you’ve been wondering where it’s all heading too, have your head a little in the sand hoping that youtube won’t pull the plug on you are have just been in the slightest bit interested in anything i’ve discussed here today in the blog post do yourself a favour and have a look, do some digging around because for me, taking governance over your own content, being your own brand, taking control of the worth of that will equal value in the many token economies that are sprouting up around the internet.

Today you are able to build your own frontend like youtube with, you are able to build your own frontend blog site like steemit and you are able to earn HUNT tokens to exchange for value in other crypto currency and fiat economies if you so wish — you know longer have to be servant to the master for your adsense future, you can take control of your own income streams and hosting needs and build your own communities that allow you 100% of the profits from the fruits of your labour.

Time to get started?



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