The Side Chain Influencers — Issue #160

hf21 activated, good time for a pause

5 min readAug 27, 2019

we hit one hundred and sixty back to back digests. pretty pumped about that but upon looking up around me at the end of august i realised that this is not a mental headspace place i want to be right now so for a little while i’m stopping my daily digests until the mental energy flows once more — i kinda made the decision on the back of hf21 anyway, let it bed in, let the script kiddies do their little downvote pool games and then apply some focal clarity when i had something better to put down on immutable paper! :)

being at the the tsunami edge is for young people

sure if you have nothing else going on in your life and your stable in all areas of your life go at it, suck it all in, be completely informed but not overloaded, rejoice in the real time but if you want true connectivity to what you are doing you might wanna start having actual digital breaks from technology, it’s too consuming and you don’t realise it until that’s all you do each day, stacking for the sake of it when there is so many things on the back burner you wanted to do — don’t lose focus on those.

sentient semblance of direction

kinda feel thankful that i have the opportunity if i’m honest. that i’m awake enough to notice that this does furfill the itch and that i need to take a break out as to what i really enjoy, i certainly should’nt make the hike for myself harder than it actually is, there are so many other analog things for me to bind myself too and so many places i want to go with the ones i love — that takes front and centre if everything, when you know, you know and the time for that is always now.

rest, reset, recharge, recover

let’s go with that QUAD damage R life huh? i’ve got a batch of things that must be done right now and today is a perfect day to do it, square number of 160 of the digest, put a pin in all socials, ready to get back to the outstanding tasks at hand, some real life clutter to be binned — maybe it was the staring at the words ‘discovery’ and ‘adventure’ today that did, maybe it was the little subtle internal gut pain i had in the morning, whatever the wake up call i was thankful for it and will always invest, hodl those moments! — i heard the call, and i responded, thank you ESP for having my back.

as for work times — courses, reviewhunt and

this is where you will find me, i hope you’ll take some of my new courses, a course that i want to make over twenty four hours and i’ve been wanting to produce since november 2019, i’ll obviously still be pushing for 20 makers before the end of the year and i’ll be posting vlogs and updates as per normal over on — let’s see if i can position myself to stack some of that DTC — the future of video on the web is some kind of IPFS method, away from youtube and the breakdown that is happening there — i’ll still continue to push to get to 1000 subs thou, i mean it’s eleven years, i gotta do it! :)

i wish you phat stacks and sweet trades

my summer time starts now, i hope you stack all those crypto tokens you need to live out your best online tribe dreams and that you make some sweet trades with BTC whenever that moment comes — high or low, spin of a dice, be present when you do it and don’t bet away someone else’s future in the process, be absolutely aware when you get into any of these tsunami edge case technologies, things move pretty fast when your eye is not on the ball!

peace and love!

humble x

# Rhetorical (word of the day)

Rhetoricaladj. Of or relating to rhetoric. Characterized by language that is elaborate, pretentious, insincere, or intellectually vacuous.



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