yep, we offer the ability to use sia skynet as your peer to peer video files as a source!

i’ve not used medium in a very long time but seeing as sia reached out to me about my tweet regarding the recent youtube downtime and how as a content creator who uses decentralised platforms to host my content (and backups) i decided to blow the dust of this account and set about writing about the why of the tweet and maybe give current creators a bit of a heads up about it.

forgive me also that i’m not a writer, i’ve had a difficult pandemic year like most of us out there and i’m not in the best headspace…

quicklink /

courage jd just got picked up by youtube, ninja and shroud went to mixer.. . the picking up of talent outside of clans and gaming orgs has begun. .

i’m guessing that 2020 will be the year when money starts to flood into the online gaming, streaming and e-sports world.

with major shakeups like the cod league happening (how bad are some of those logos) right now it’s becoming obvious to me that content creators with great reach, great engagement, business attitude and that can help and assist the bottom line of some of these platform that…

well well, here is something i did not realise that i needed until i started using it — is that not often the way with these things?

i’m going to call it now and say that chances are this site/platform will be aquired in the next few years by spotify or someone like it, maybe it will get blended into the uniqueness of all borg like.

although i did look and they have been around since 2016 so either they are playing the slow play or they don’t get enough traffic yet for a sale! :)

Anyway, step forward…

hf21 activated, good time for a pause

we hit one hundred and sixty back to back digests. pretty pumped about that but upon looking up around me at the end of august i realised that this is not a mental headspace place i want to be right now so for a little while i’m stopping my daily digests until the mental energy flows once more — i kinda made the decision on the back of hf21 anyway, let it bed in, let the script kiddies do their little downvote pool games and then apply some focal clarity when i had something better to put down on immutable…

switching my days around

i’ve started mixing it up so routine stuff does not get boring and i can invest in the better part of the day (morning) while my circadian rhythm is high and i can focus on the core components of the day — i’m trying to switch around the manual labour parts of doing the newsletter, adding graphics etc to the afternoon (low brain processing power) to the afternoon and instead comment and view videos in the morning first thing — i find that motivates me to put out a video everyday as well in the process.

august is all in month

maybe it’s the…

brand new month energy!

fresh into uplifting energy, kinda came out of nowhere the last few days, i’ve been getting up and getting locked in each day be it either video or the skillshare course stuff i’ve been ready to get going every morning — firing up the coffee, sorting breakfast and jumping straight in, feel like i’ve got another positive frame of mind for the rest of the month which is really helping.

drawing out for the summer

all being well we are gonna be learning a new skill over summer with the help of a tablet, the first tablet i’ve ever used for drawing! it’s not for…

man holding a coin, this is to define the notion of holding virtual coins, in this case the HUNT token which the erc-20 token
will we need physical tokens to transact in the future that is just around the corner for goods and services?

Photo by ZSun Fu on Unsplash

i’m thankful to have been at the start of this series of products that has been launched over the last year. with reviewhunt, we really crank up the next level of brand advocate and influencer that can earn crypto currency and get paid within seven days instead of waiting a month for google adsense.

the first vertical to launch was a ‘product hunt’ style website called steemhunt powered by the steem blockchain (still to this day) and successfully launched it’s own HUNT token (erc-20) after waiting for steemit to release their own SMT (smart…

double up batch today — that double double.

well yesterday never happened! well it did, of course it happened, i just had so much quality time that i never got around to finishing off the newsletter/digest which means that today you’ve got two days worth of updates! pretty sweet huh? :) — i had everything to go but just ended up watching the fortnite world cup where first place duo’s won $3 million dollars, insane, it’s like another world out there. what is even MONEY any more when you have a climate falling apart around us? do you ever wonder what people are actually chasing sometimes? HODL’ing there…

Free markets are a crazy thing, tsunami way technology will always be an ever evolving eco system where you have to flex and move with the times rapidly. I think that’s the one thing that the majority of people get freaked out about is that there is a lot to learn, that information can go deep and it might make you re-evaluate personal finances and value in general — i know it has me.

I tested out the new steemconnect desktop application yesterday, now in version three on my mac and it was a nice, clean experience, it even had…

Will having multiple frontends help steem?

It seems like near on every other day another group of people have banded together to put a frontend together for the ‘niche’ that they are in, we got a new one today for creatives, certain types of creatives, artists if you like, hyperniche of the niche — is this to get more tribe like and friend familiar with each other? A call to arms maybe or is it something more vapid?

As devils advocate on these things in some ways it feels very much like it the old days of IRC servers and channels, people with mod powers wanting…

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